Our Staff

Adio Ash


Years of experience: 10

Expertise: Directing, Cinematography, Editing 

Our Strength

Back end

Our products will be high end and professional for the independent business owner. 

Impaired Films

Our Vision

Front end

We create compelling video content combined with aesthetic visuals that help clients gain attention which ultimately brings in revenue.                       


Professional filmmakers with unique perspectives. 

Terance Hall

Years of experience: 6

Expertise: Editing, Social media integration


We will work with clients to understand their vision, target audience and project objective and curate a product that caters to their marketing needs.                     

In a world where we are over saturated with content how can one create content that stands above the rest?  Impaired Films has a formula that pushes the boundaries of traditional content creation so that clients can maximize the attention they get from their marketing efforts.